Friday, September 5, 2014

OOTD || Abandoned Barns & Studded Boots

Hi Everyone! 

Des & I decided to go to half-moon bay a couple weekends back. We went to Burleigh H. Murray Ranch and hiked up a short path. It's a pretty cool stop if you're in the area. The ranch consists of a short 1-2 mile hike, a restricted military shooting range (which you're not suppose to go in...woops), and an abandoned barn built in the 1800s! The barn has a haunted-esque feel and was gigantic! We tried to find a way inside but the doors were pretty much chained up that day.

The day was warm yet consisted of a chilly breeze coming in from the ocean. The dress I'm wearing is quite short, so I paired some plain black yoga shorts under them. I also put on a chunkier ankle boot to give the illusion of showing less leg. Once it gets a little chillier around here, I'll probably wear this outfit with a pair of leggings and call it a day! :)

P.S. I really can't wait till boot season. I already have my eyes on too many pairs.

PC: Desmond T.

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Zara [similar]
Boots: Kelsi Dagger [old; you might like these]
Sunglasses: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs [old; you might like this]
Necklaces: Ibiss (short), vintage (long; my mom's when she was young!)
Watch: Anne Klein [similar]
*I'm sure you've noticed by now, I always wear the same watch :P*

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Have a great week everyone!

Friday, August 29, 2014

OOTD || Floral Baby-Doll & Heathered Mini

Hi Everyone!

How are you doing? Well, school is back in session for me. I can't say I'm exactly excited for school, but I'm definitely happy to get back in the hospital and working with patients. It's going to be a hectic semester, but hopefully things go somewhat smoothly. Wish me luck!

Anyways, on to the outfit! Des and I were heading out to a casual dinner and did a super quick shoot before we left. I've been really liking that baggy baby-doll look. It's loose while still accentuating the waist without any restriction! I paired the tank with a fitted mini skirt to give my body some more shape.

I'm actually really excited about the post coming after this one. Let's just say...keywords = hiking, abandoned barn, and federal shooting range. What?! Guess you'll have to wait and see... :)

Photographed by Desmond T.

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Francesca's
Top: Forever21
Skirt: Kate Spade Saturday [on SALE!]
Shoes: Wanted
Purse: Kate Spade [you might like this!]
Jewelry: World Market

Have a great week everyone! 
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See you on the next post! :)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Seattle, WA || 10 Places to Visit

Hello again!

Here is part 2 of the mini Seattle series. You can read the first part about some tips to traveling in Seattle and coffee shops worth visiting here!

This city has so much to offer, I barely scraped the surface during my visit. This list is simply 10 places I thought were worth mentioning. Enjoy!

1. Fonte Cafe & Wine Bar: This place housed one of the best meals I had in downtown Seattle. The coffee was perfect. The food was simple yet had complex flavors. Upon walking in, the manager took the time to welcome us in and chit chat for awhile. He kindly explained how they roast their own beans and make everything in house. Fonte's beans are also used by various michelin restaurants and W Hotels.

Pappardelle Bolognese, Aztec Mocha, Charcuterie, Beet Salad

Charcuterie Plate

2. Chihuly Garden and Glass: At first I thought, "How interesting can glass be?" Oh how wrong I was. Chihuly takes glass art to another level. There are both indoor and outdoor exhibits. While you waltz around the garden, try looking for the space needle reflecting upon the glass. 

3. Melrose Market in Capitol Hill: Capitol Hill deems itself as the "hipster" part of Seattle. Melrose Market certainly exuded that rustic feel. There are a handful of eateries, a butcher shop, and a couple cute home-goods stores. My sister and I had breakfast at a sandwich shop called Homegrown. Everything is local, organic, and sustainable! How awesome is that?

Butter Home at Melrose Market

Avocado + Cucumber Sandwich & Organic Oatmeal at Homegrown

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich at Homegrown

4. Sugarpill: This store is small, but I still managed to spend over an hour in here. Sugarpill is an apothecary that sells specialty foods and remedies. The owners will help recommend natural remedies for certain ailments and health concerns. I was personally drawn to the wall of handmade salts. Let's just say...the most money I spent in Seattle...was on salt. I am officially a salt collector.  

Handmade Salts


Housemade Bitters & Natural Remedies

5. Salumi Artisan Cured Meats: This place specializes in salami. They also have this addictive garlic spread that goes on every sandwich. Need I say more? Oh, wait. The salami I chose was preserved with chocolate and chiles...MMMmm...okay I'm done now. 

Mole Salami & Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich 

6. Totokaelo : Once you walk in, you realize this is the most beautiful store you've ever stepped foot in. you see that wall of beautiful shoes? That's only HALF THE WALL.

7. Pike's Place Market: I kinda just put this here because the market has a lot to offer. It's just darn crowded. I didn't spend much time here, just walked around the booths and oggled at flowers. :)

8. University Village / Din Tai Fung: Uvillage was my favorite shopping experience. It's a very open outdoor mall that has a good mix of stores. There is also a Din Tai Fung nestled in there. If you're in the area and haven't been to one of the SoCal/Taiwan locations, give it a go! The truffle soup dumplings are divine. 

Truffle Soup Dumplings

Shaved Ice with EXTRAAAA condensed milk (my sweet tooth thanked me)

9. Bakery Nouveau : I saw this bakery on a buzzfeed list of bakeries to try before you die kinda ordeal. Thank you sweet baby Jesus! Their macarons were better than Le Panier's (which is a hotspot near Pike's) and their croissants were everything and more. Their specialty croissant is a double baked croissant which is a whole other experience. It's crispier, chewier, and has a burnt caramel taste/aroma to it. 

Heirloom Tomato Croissant, Macarons, Double Baked Chocolate Almond Croissant 

Double Baked Chocolate Almond Croissant 

9 1/2. Fran's Chocolates: I wanted to give this chocolate shop a little shout out because it's special to Seattle. The chocolates were so rich and velvety. I loved their caramel with smoked salts. They also have 100% cacao bars for the adventurous (I picked one up for my brother who enjoys 97%s) and drinking chocolates.

Lavender Truffle

10. Walk around the area you're staying at! You never know what you might find. My sister and I happened to spot a flyer at a bus stop advertising the Dragon Fest at the International District. We also saw beautiful sights just from walking all over the place!

Dragon Fest at the International District

Walking around Downtown Seattle

I hope you enjoyed this mini series about Seattle. I have really begun to fall in love with the city. Can't wait till my next trip! 
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See you on the next post! :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Seattle, WA || 5 Coffee Shops Worth Visiting

Hi Everyone!

I went on an impromptu five day trip to Seattle, Washington with my sister back in July. We booked everything the week before and had a fantastic time. I had to break my post into different parts, so today's post goes over some basics [where we stayed, transportation] and five coffee houses worth visiting. :)

Most of my friends know that I travel almost exclusively Airbnb. If you are thinking of traveling to Seattle on a budget, my sister and I stayed in the middle of downtown for only $79 a night. Our host, Gene, was also one of the best Airbnb hosts I've ever had. Click here to see Gene's listing!

During our stay in Seattle we traveled by public transit/walking to all our stops. I highly recommend buying an ORCA card on your day of arrival. Our public transit costs came out to be less than $25 for 5 days. We did take UberX one night because we gotten far from our place and it was getting late, but other than that, the public transit in Seattle was a breeze.

One of the top reasons why my sister and I chose Seattle was the coffee. Ohh the wonder that is coffee. Here is a little snippet of my coffee profile...if you will.

Priscilla's Coffee Profile:
Flavor & Feel: Smooth, creamy, med-dark roasts, with chocolate/nutty undertones
Go-To Spots: Philz and Blue Bottle Coffee
Favorite Cup[s]: Mocha at Blue Bottle Coffee & Philtered Soul at Philz

Now you know what my tastes are and what I look for in a cup of coffee. Here are five coffee shops that I deem worthy of visiting in Seattle!

Storyville Coffee Company

Aztec Mocha at Fonte Cafe & Wine Bar

5 Coffee Shops Worth Trying:
5. Seattle Coffee Works
[yelp sites linked!]

I would love to hear what your coffee profile is! Share in the comments your favorite flavors, cafes, etc! I'm always on the hunt for new favorites. Also, look out for part 2 of my Seattle posts. I will be writing about some good eateries and destinations.

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See you on the next post! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

OOTD || Denim & Nautical Loafers


Long time no post! Here's a quick update! I have been enjoying my summer and I just came back from a week long trip to Seattle. My sister and I decided last minute to take a trip together and booked everything less than a week before the trip. I'm still in the midst of editing photos, but I plan on doing a post dedicated to the wonderful city of Seattle. I'm also leaving in 4 days to spend a week in Santa Barbara & LA so posts may be sporadic for a bit.

On to the outfit!

It was Des's birthday this past week and I took him out to Nick's Next Door. The ambiance was bistro-esque and casual. So, I wore an outfit that was easy yet put together. I played around with the denim on denim trend and kept the whole outfit pretty simple.

Outfit Details:
Top: Madewell [on SALE!]
Bottom: J Brand via Nordstrom Rack [similar]
Shoes: J.Crew [on SALE!]
Necklace & Watch: Zara [you might like this] ; Anne Klein 

Photographer: Desmond T.
Side note: the dogs were having a grand ol' time in my yard, so you may spot them here & there. I also realize my hand is constantly in the same hair kept getting in my face. sorry!

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See you on the next post! :)